Last updated - February 8, 2022

My coffee setup

  1. Aeropress
  2. French press from Ikea
  3. A regular kettle
  4. I get ground coffee beans usually from my local shop
    1. My local coffee shop just closed ☹️ and I am now on the hunt for a new coffee shop to serve my ground coffee needs

I usually brew in my French press when I am making more coffee and brew volumetrically rather than by weight (since I don’t have a scale and volumetric is quicker anyway). I have recently started following James Hoffman’s recipe for the French press coffee and I like it a lot.

When I brew the Aeropress, it is usually when I am looking for just 1 cup. I tend to use the inverted method, again going for volumetric rather than weight. I add 1 scoop of ground coffee and fill the Aeropress with hot boiling water up to the top. Keep it for a few mins and invert in a cup with some hot milk. This is quite similar to James Hoffman’s recipe for the milk coffee with Aeropress